Recently, a new book entitled “Chinese Arbitration Law” is published by LexisNexis, targeting at readers worldwide who are particularly interested in getting to know Chinese arbitration law and practice. This book is co-edited by Dr. Arthur Dong at AnJie Law Firm, Mr. Peter Yuen and Mr. Damien Macdonald. These three co-editors also contributed to several chapters of the book. Other authors are also experts in the arbitration field, including famous lawyers and scholars. This book covers a wide range of heated-discussed topics in Chinese commercial arbitration. In addition to general introductions of fundamental knowledge of Chinese commercial arbitration, several chapters in this book also discuss the internationalization of Chinese commercial arbitration as well as some new trends in China’s investment arbitration over the years. Dr. Dong contributed to the Chapter of “Commencing the Arbitration, Interim remedies and Limitations Periods” in this book. This Chapter introduced that how parties should commence arbitration in China, how they could apply for interim measures, what type of interim measures could be applied, and the statute of limitation in Chinese arbitration.