Alibaba is trying to prove its continuing efforts in fighting counterfeits, as it has been put back to the Notorious Market List. Brand owners may evaluate the effectiveness of the “Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance” and see if it benefits their online enforcement programs.

On 16th January, Alibaba Group announced the establishment of “Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance” with 20 international brands including Louis Vuitton, Huawei, Samsung, and Mars. The Alliance aims to leverage big data technologies to strengthen the global fight against counterfeits.

From September 2015 to August 2016, the law enforcement agencies in China have shut down 675 counterfeit manufacturing and sales spots thanks to the Alibaba Big data technologies, which identify suspected fake merchandise sold online by evaluating unit price and purchase frequency. Alibaba work with the brands to verify the authenticity, and report counterfeit information to the police to locate the infringers.

According to Jessie Zheng, Alibaba Chief Platform Governance Officer, Alibaba will prioritize technical support to alliance members and involve them in the rulemaking process, as well as implementation and evaluation of the anti-fake campaigns. Through the Alliance, member companies can also coordinate directly with the police, the quality inspection, and industry and commerce authorities.

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