The Price Supervision, Inspection and Antitrust Bureau of NRDC has confirmed to the public on 2nd December 2011, that they have received applications from China Unicom and China Telecom for the suspension of probe on alleged abuse of dominant position by the parties in last month. In addition, China Telecom also submitted a proposal of rectifying and reforming to NRDC, with the expectation to be awarded a leniency treatment. The proposal of rectifying and reforming is comprised of mainly the following aspects:

First, China Telecom undertakes to expand the capacity which is connected to other backbone telecommunications operators such as China Unicom and China Tietong as soon as possible.

Second, China Telecom undertakes to lower the price of connecting to China Tietong and enhance the quality of interconnection in the further step, so as to achieve a full-degree of interoperability.

Third, it will standardize the tariff management of ISP, conduct commercial activities in accordance with fair trading principle on the market and review currently existed agreements to cut the tariff level in a proper degree,

Fourth, China Telecom will immediately take measures to enhance the fiber access penetration and the broadband access rate, with the end of lowering the price for per unit of bandwidth for public customers of internet access by around 35%.

Whether NRDC would be charitable to the state-owned enterprises and suspend concerning investigation after above-mentioned application and proposal, is still open and the response of NRDC thereto is looked forward to.