According to the information released by MOFCOM in its news conference at the end of 2011, statistics indicate that in the year of 2011, MOFCOM received 194 notifications for antitrust review on concentration in total, the amount of received cases increased by 43% compared to last year. Among them, the number of accepted cases by MOFCOM in the year of 2011 altogether are 179, which increased by 52%. Besides, there are 160 cases completed by MOFCOM, which increased by 40% compared to 2011.

In connection to the rapid growth on the number of notification on concentration to MOFCOM, the Director of Anti-Monopoly Bureau, Mr. Shang Ming explained three reasons thereof: first, the popularization of AML of China is gradually strengthened; second, more and more enterprises reach the threshold for antitrust notification in the wake of average scale of enterprises getting larger; third, most of international investors take prudent attitude, hence mainly choose the means of concentration to increase their market shares and competitive strength.

Among the 160 cases completed by MOFCOM, cases in manufacturing industries account for the most, 64%; cases in computer service, information transmission and software industries account for 8% in together; and cases in electricity, gas and water industries account for 6%. As far as the outcome of the case concerned, MOFCOM make the decision of unconditional clearance on 151 cases (account for 94%). Besides, there are four conditional clearance and 5 withdraw of cases after acceptance by MOFCOM, which account for 3%.