Concurrences Competition Law Journal, in partnership with the New York University School of Law, will hold its inaugural conference "Antitrust in Emerging and Developing Countries” on Friday, October 24, 2014, at the NYU campus. This one-day conference (8:30am to 6:30pm) brings together prestigious speakers from across the world. Leading lawyers, in-house consultant, and enterprises senior managers from emerging and developing countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, among other jurisdictions will participate in the event.

 Key-note speakers include:

•        Eleanor M. Fox, Professor at NYU

•        Santiago Levy Algazi, Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge at the IADB

•        Dennis Davis, Judge of the High Court of Cape Town

•        William E. Kovacic, Professor at GW University

•        Frank Fine, Executive Director, China Institute of International Antitrust and Investment

•        Blanca G. Rodriguez, DG Comp

•        Randolph W. Tritell, FTC

With hundreds of leading practitioners from all over the world, this could be an ideal opportunity to touch base to Antitrust in Developing Countries. 

The official website is: