What is Director and Officer Liability Insurance?

Directors and officers (“D&Os”) assume liability for many of their company activities, especially when their company is publicly listed. In many cases D&Os face significant legal exposure based simply on their signature, role and title, or status as a controlling person. This means that no matter how effectively,

Regulation continues to be tightening in the insurance industry, with lesser and lesser tolerance for violations of laws and regulations in 2022. Many new law compliance issues are emerging, such as how to understand and apply the corporate governance regulation rules, what are the challenges in compliance management, what are the employment risks and how

When concluding an insurance contract, the insurance applicant has a duty of disclosure. The applicant is not obliged to disclose information unless the insurer enquires.

The insurer’s remedy for breach of this duty varies. The insurer can either:

  • Rescind the contract and keep the premium. The availability of this remedy depends on the degree of

Let’s talk tech and Chinese money.

Since antiquity, China had led the world with its adoption of cutting-edge currency

Today, there is an immense amount of interest surrounding China’s new digital yuan (“DCEP” – Digital Currency Electronic Payment).

However, China’s history of currency innovation goes back to ancient times. Unlike Roman coins, ancient

 Author:Hannibal El-Mohtar   Agnes Wang


(Attribution: Ravi Kant)

I. How can Hong Kong and foreign insurers currently sell insurance to MainlandChina?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many Mainland residents find foreign insurance policies more attractive than those found in the mainland and continue to cross borders to get their hands on them.

Take Hong Kong for

Authors : Wan Jia, Hannibal El-Mohtar

I. Is China’s insurance market worth investing in?

It is no secret that China’s insurance industry presents good upside growth opportunities. According to the 2018 Report on Global Insurance and Market Research released by Allianz Group, “Nearly 80% of the total 60 Billion Euros increase in global premiums came

Authors: Zhan Hao、Wan Jia

In the beginning of 2020, Luckin Coffee event brought the attention from the insurance, legal and security industries to the directors and officers liability insurance policy (“D&O”) in China. In this event, Luckin Coffee, which is listed in the US and called Chinese Starbucks, found trapped in the security fraud