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The fourth edition of The Lending and Secured Finance Review has been released by the Law Reviews recently, which contains contributions from leading practitioners in 25 different jurisdictions. Each of the contributors has shared their expertise on the developments in the corporate lending and secured finance markets in their respective jurisdictions and on the challenges and opportunities facing market participants. It will be a useful source for practitioners and other readers.

Gulong Ren, a partner at AnJie Law Firm, authored the China chapter of the book. He specialises in acquisition finance, asset finance, commodity finance, debt capital markets, debt restructuring, general banking, project finance, real estate finance and structured finance. Mr. Ren has advised various financial institutions, including major international banks and key Chinese lenders, as well as corporate entities. His experience covers a wide range of sectors including financial markets, real property, infrastructure and transportation, mining and energy, pharmaceutical and healthcare, etc. He has authored several books on banking and finance practice.

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Authored by Gulong Ren ( at AnJie Law Firm


Recently, a new book entitled “Chinese Arbitration Law” is published by LexisNexis, targeting at readers worldwide who are particularly interested in getting to know Chinese arbitration law and practice. This book is co-edited by Dr. Arthur Dong at AnJie Law Firm, Mr. Peter Yuen and Mr. Damien Macdonald. These three co-editors also contributed to several chapters of the book. Other authors are also experts in the arbitration field, including famous lawyers and scholars. This book covers a wide range of heated-discussed topics in Chinese commercial arbitration. In addition to general introductions of fundamental knowledge of Chinese commercial arbitration, several chapters in this book also discuss the internationalization of Chinese commercial arbitration as well as some new trends in China’s investment arbitration over the years. Dr. Dong contributed to the Chapter of “Commencing the Arbitration, Interim remedies and Limitations Periods” in this book. This Chapter introduced that how parties should commence arbitration in China, how they could apply for interim measures, what type of interim measures could be applied, and the statute of limitation in Chinese arbitration. 

The Hot Issues of China Anti-trust Private Litigation-The Juridical Interpretation Issued by PRC Supreme Court and the Analysis of Anti-trust Cases came out with the issuance of the Juridical Interpretation on Application of Laws in Private Litigation Cases Arising from Monopoly Behaviors by PRC Supreme Court (the Interpretation), introducing in details the legislative purposes of the Interpretation, how its provisions are produced and its major applications and guidance for antitrust practices. The author, in combination with Chinese juridical practices and antitrust practices in other countries or regions across the globe, shares with readers some of his distinguished comments on possible tough issues during antitrust private litigation hearings. It is noticeable that the author also has made his analysis from economic perspective, leading in economic vision for antitrust applications. The incisive analysis on classic antitrust private litigation cases in China in recent years brings readers with sense of reality. Additionally, the original texts of the Interpretation and the exposure draft of the Juridical Interpretation on Application of Laws in Private Litigation Cases are both presented in the book.

The Practices of Mergers and Acquisitions under the Anti-monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China is based upon Dr. Zhan Hao’s professional experience as a distinguished lawyer in the field of competition law. Published after the promulgation of the Anti-monopoly Law of the PRC and before the issue of the Provisions of the State Council on the Declaration of the Concentration of Business Operators (Exposure Draft). Dr. Zhan Hao introduces and analyzes the classification,examination standard, hearing and investigation procedures concerning concentration (including M&A) under the Chinese Anti-monopoly law. Additionally the text comprehensively and systematically highlights problems lawyers and legal counsel will encounter in the application process of concentration. A comparative analysis is also provided on the rules of the concentration under Chinese Anti-monopoly law and laws of other foreign jurisdictions. Acting as a guide for the practicing lawyer, each chapter provides an analysis of famous cases, both in China and foreign jurisdictions, concerning hotly debated issues, allowing an ease of understanding surrounding the rules of China’s Anti-monopoly Law. This is the first book in China for the purpose of providing countermeasures for lawyers dealing with concentration cases under the new and ever emerging Anti-monopoly law of the PRC. This book was published by China Law Press and LexisNexis.

The Full Record of a China Lawyer’s Tips on Handling Cases: Insurance Litigation introduces Chinese insurance litigation procedures including insurance case analysis and evidence collection prior to trial. Dr. Zhan Hao, a leading Chinese insurance lawyer, shares his ideas and commentary on insurance litigation in China and explains the principles and concepts surrounding Chinese insurance law. The book is a true necessity for the modern Chinese insurance lawyer. Throughout the book, many forms of insurance litigation are introduced, such as property insurance, life insurance, maritime insurance and liability insurance litigation. In explaining each form of litigation, Dr. Zhan Hao acknowledges and explains the different procedure rules between the court of first instance, the court of second instance and the pleading and confrontation procedure. This book is the first book written by a veteran insurance lawyer introducing insurance litigation in China and has proved to be a highly influential text. The merits of this book have not gone unnoticed. it was published as the lead textbook for training young lawyers, and is currently recommended by the All China Lawyers Association.

The Comprehensive Interpretation of Insurance Law Principles and Commentary on Typical Cases is not only a case book introducing classic insurance cases rendered by Chinese Courts, it is also a textbook for those interested in learning about Chinese insurance law. Dr. Zhan Hao introduces the insurance law systematically and presents a collection of many special cases, all of which are complemented with Dr. Zhan Hao’s expert commentary. After reading this book, the reader will understand how a Chinese judge handles different types of insurance cases and the reader will become familiar with insurance litigation and arbitration procedures in China, through an emphasis on insurance cases decided in the past 3 years by the Intermediate People’s Court, the Higher People’s Court and the Supreme Court. Overall the book is key for understanding the newly mastered insurance law theories utilized by Chinese Courts.




Investor Relations of Listed Companies is popular amongst in-house counsel as it provides up to date investment advice for corporate structures and introduces the basic principles and knowledge surrounding investor relations and interaction with Chinese laws and regulations. Dr. Zhan Hao analyzes the problems arising from investor relations in the legal and economic context and concludes with his experience as in-house counsel for an international company. The investment tactics of multinational and domestic listed companies and newly developed laws, regulations and ordinances concerning investor relations are also covered. In short Dr. Zhan Hao provides a practical source for in-house counsel and lawyers. Readers will also find case references regarding investor relations. Overall, this text is an excellent study resource for company directors, managers and those whose chief responsibility is to protect investors’  interests.




Looking at the Regulation of the Insurance Market from an Economic Law Perspective introduces the Chinese insurance market and insurance law by analyzing the issues concerning the regulation of the insurance market from an economic law aspect. The book is presented at the theoretical level in the study of Chinese insurance market regulation. Dr. Zhan Hao introduces his research approaches to the insurance market’s regulation and traditional market regulation theories and principles are also illustrated. Additionally, the history and development of the Chinese insurance market is described and Dr. Zhan Hao shares his opinions on mixed operation, integrated regulation models, the insurance industry’s continuing evolution and the regulatory rules on the use of insurance capital. Overall Dr. Zhan Hao presents valuable advice on the establishment of a more reasonable and effective insurance law system in China.


The Theory of Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law and Practice is an innovative work sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Introducing Anti-monopoly Law theories and providing a review of a number of famous domestic and foreign Competition/Anti-monopoly Law cases, readers will find important legal concepts, principles and reference to important institutions concerning the Anti-monopoly Law of the PRC, which came into force August 1st 2008. Anti-monopoly cases are inserted in each chapter helping the readers better understand the Anti-monopoly Law of the PRC. Debatable issues such as the role of the guild under the Anti-monopoly Law, the exercise of intellectual property rights and anti-monopoly private litigation are all covered. Dr. Zhan Hao shares his opinions on these issues and introduces a comparative analysis with other countries’ advanced experience and practices,incorporating not only the Anti-monopoly Law but also Chinese economic law, contract law, company law, administrative law and civil law, which jointly compose the regulation surrounding competition law in China.

The New Insurance Law-interpretation on practice highlights and case analysis In accordance with new Insurance Law published on October 2009, Dr. Zhan Hao published this new book. In this new book, Dr. Zhan compares the new Insurance Law with the old one, analyzes the influence brought by new Insurance Law on insurance industry from viewpoint of practice, brilliantly expounds the highlights and complex questions aroused by new Insurance Law, gives countermeasures to insurance companies and explains the different consequences when old and new Insurance applies on the same case. This book is practical, prospective, timeless and full of wisdom. It could be a new guide book for students, scholars and insurance practitioners.



 China Motor Insurance Market Development Report 2014,co-authored by Dr. Zhan Hao, observed and studied the development pattern of the Chinese motor insurance market in a systematic and historical way, combining theory with practice. It also conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis, combining domestic reality with international trends. The Report mirrors reality as well as foresight. Furthermore, it fills the domestic gap in the field of motor insurance market studies.

Focused mainly on the motor insurance industry’s reform and innovation, this book systematically reviewed, comprehensively summarized and showed the panorama of the 2014 insurance market development status. It conducted an in-depth analysis of the Chinese motor insurance market’s development environment, the operation mechanism, the business model, the sales model and the service model. Furthermore, it introduced in detail the operation status of the motor insurance market in certain countries and regions. The Report especially combed and analyzed some key issues existing in the motor insurance reform and innovation in a systematic and in-depth way. It is of positive and instructive value to further reform and development of China’s motor insurance market.

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AnJie Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “AnJie”) is a full-service law firm providing legal services on an international basis. Our well experienced lawyers with substantive skills serve a broad base of practice areas including antitrust & competition law, banking & finance, capital markets, dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration), domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions, employment, energy and natural resources, infrastructure, insurance & reinsurance, intellectual property, private equity, real estate.

AnJie was established by a group of senior lawyers with exceptionally broad experience and common faith as well as team-working ability. Our firm is a truly integrated and committed to offering clients the highest quality service, legal excellence, strong quality control and resources sharing. We are deeply passionate about sustaining a uniform standard of legal services and implementing sound client service system. We offers clients effective, efficient as well as tailored solutions.

AnJie encourages everyone including partners, consultants and other professionals in our diverse environment to fully develop their professional skills and interests in each of the firm’s practice areas while stressing cooperative efforts in different practice areas. We help clients achieving their best results by offering resourceful and practical solutions through our meaningful contributions from different roles on a cooperative basis with best resources sharing management.    

 AnJie built a sound system of internal risk control and reasonable governance scheme including implementation of review system of legal services we provided, conflict of interest checking system, collective discussion and evaluation system for complex issues to ensure the maximization of clients’ interests.

The complete and sound training system within AnJie lays stress on professional growth. Whether they join as a lawyer, graduate or business professional regardless of educational background and working experience, they will be offered the opportunities to derive self-value and enjoy valuable benefits from our stable development and continued success.

AnJie is also well-imaged in communities through its active participation in various activities of public interests. Providing legal assistance to those most in need or on a low income is an integral part of being a lawyer. AnJie takes the responsibility seriously.


As successful practitioners in their fields, all of our lawyers have remarkable experience and legal excellence. Most of them have practiced in leading international law firms and have many years of experience before joining Anjie. Some of them had worked in national ministries of the People’s Republic of China and international organizations and have been maintaining harmonious connections with government bodies and international organizations.

In addition to admission to the People’s Republic of China, our partners and senior counsels have obtained professional qualifications from American, European and other Asian countries. Our lawyers and professionals are capable of providing legal services directly in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.

Our lawyers graduated from prestigious schools in the People’s Republic of China and abroad with law degrees in LL.M, Ph.D. or other advanced professional qualifications. A few of them have conducted post-doctoral researches in their specialized fields.

Many of our partners have been well-known in some particular areas. Some of them are honored as excellent Chinese lawyers or highly recommended lawyers by a number of international ranking institutions and legal journals including Chambers & Partners, Who’s Who Legal, Legal 500, ALB and China Business Law Journal.

AnJie partners are frequent speakers at various important international conferences or seminars. A number of partners also published their own books or professional articles in well-known domestic and foreign legal journals at a continuous basis. They have been widely respected among domestic and international academics and practitioners.


Our clients are from various industries covering finance, manufacture, construction, real estate, retail, high-tech, energy, mining, communication, media, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, etc.  Our clients are also from different countries or regions in the world. We serve Fortune 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises, financial entities as well as private companies and nonprofits in both traditional and emerging industries.

Social Connection

Our lawyers have maintained good relationship with many authorities, courts at various levels and industry regulatory bodies. Some of our lawyers have served as legal counsels in many government departments, industry associations as well as non-governmental organizations. Some of them are appointed arbitrators before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission or other arbitration institutions.

AnJie has been working closely with many top-class law schools and research institutes including Peking University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and University of International Business and Economics. Some of our lawyers are part-time professors, graduate supervisors or researchers at these institutions.

Our lawyers are frequently invited to participate in seminars held by regulatory authorities including the Ministry of Commerce, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange or academic institutions, contributing themselves to legislations and amendments, and helping actively promote Chinese law-making process and enforcement.

Our lawyers have been on the forefront of legal trends and pioneer in-depth study on challenging legal issues. The newsletter – AnJie Legal Studies, internally edited by our professionals, is wide-spread among legal professionals and serves as a means for communication with clients and promotion of Chinese laws.

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In the process of long-term cross-border transactions between Chinese and foreign clients, we have built a good and extensive relationship through trust and cooperation with many first-class law firms in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other European countries as well as Australia, Japan, South Korea and other world’s major economic regions. AnJie can help clients reach almost every country or region in the world based on close cooperation with local law firms in different jurisdictions. With substantial local and international experience and cooperation networks around the world, we provide more convenient and effectively global legal protection and solutions to Chinese enterprises with “going out” strategy in particular.