Aviation Passenger Accident Insurance

Aviation Passenger Accident Insurance (APAI) in China originated in the Interim Provisions on the Compensation for the Personal Injury of Domestic Aviation Transport Passengers in 1998. In reviewing the supervision and management of APAI by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), we may divide the history into three stages.

During the first stage (1998-2002), APAI applied uniform provisions issued by the People’s Bank of China. At this time the CIRC was required to focus on organizing spot inspections and the strengthening of punishments concerning the violation of laws and regulations effecting control and regulation of APAI market order. The focus was a product of troubling issues, such as: the compulsive sale of APAI with tickets or other relevant insurance; counterfeit policies; and the embezzlement of premiums by agents or staff of insurance companies.
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