China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Last week, I received an email from an American attorney, whose client encountered some problems concerning their insurance policy, a policy purchased from two Chinese Insurance Companies. In his email, he informed me that after the occurrence of an accident which was suppose to be covered in the insurance policy, the Chinese Insurance Companies refused to compensate his client. The insurer and the insured had different understandings of the policy clause. He wanted to know whether his client could seek help from the CIRC and if so, how they should go about doing so in China. In his email, some provisions in the Guideline of the Management of the Insurance Company issued by CIRC were quoted to inform me the CIRC functioned similar to the SEC in the US. I informed him the CIRC could not help, his client should bring this case to court or if there is an arbitration clause in the policy, the dispute could be arbitrated in the arbitration commission agreed by the parties.

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