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Authored by Zhan Hao ( and Song Ying ( at AnJie Law Firm

On 8 September, 2017, an exposure draft of amendments to the Provisions on Antitrust Review of Concentrations (the “exposure draft”) issued by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC (the “MOFCOM”) was released for soliciting public comments. 

The Provisions on Antitrust Review of

Authored by Michael Gu ( and Sihui Sun at AnJie Law Firm

According to a press release2 published by the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) on its website on 10 July, China’s Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau3 (“Price Bureau”) recently concluded the investigation of a cartel case organized by a local trade association. In this

Authored by Michael Gu ( and Sun Sihui ( at AnJie Law Firm


2016 marked the eighth anniversary of the implementation of the PRC Anti-monopoly Law. All three Chinese competition authorities were very active in their enforcement practices. As in2015 and 2014, many waves of high-profile antitrust crackdowns have

This article was co-authored by Dr.Zhan Hao and Song Ying

Admittedly, the evidential rulesin specific jurisdiction, especially for the allocation of burden of proof, are of great vital for the ultimate result of the case trial. In view of the fact that private antitrust litigations are frequently featured with specificity, high-degree complexity and relative weakness

After a whole year’s review and rounds of public comments, on February 22, the State Council has eventually submitted the Draft Amendments of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (the “Draft”) to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for ratification. Most of the key principles of the earlier drafts have remained while rules in addressing

Authored by Michael Gu ( and Sun Sihui ( at AnJie Law Firm


On November 9 2016, after a nearly five-year investigation, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) finally concluded the Tetra Pak case. The SAIC’s landmark decision:

  • imposed a Rmb667,724,176.88 (approximately $97 million) penalty on Tetra Pak

 Authored by Dr. Zhan Hao ( and Song Ying ( at AnJie Law Firm


On August 1, 2008, China launched the Anti-Monopoly Law (“AML”), establishing a dual enforcement system comprising both public and civil enforcement measures. Article 50 of the AML provides the legal basis for private anti-monopoly enforcement and

 Authored by Michael Gu ( and Sun Sihui ( at AnJie Law Firm


On June 1 2016 the State Council published its Opinions on Establishing a Fair Competition Review System in the Development of the Market Regime, signalling the formal establishment of China’s fair competition review system. The fair competition

 Authored by Michael Gu ( at AnJie Law Firm


Since the implementation of the Anti-Monopoly Law (the “AML”) in August 2008, those industries particularly affecting the populous’ quality of life have been the major focus of the antitrust authorities’ enforcement agenda. Targeted industries include those such as automobile, consumer goods,

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