Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Today D&O is a promising insurance product in China. My views are based on the newly revised Chinese Company Law and Securities Law of 2005. Section 3 of Article 113 of the 2005 Company Law stipulates "Directors shall be responsible for resolutions passed by the board of directors. If a resolution of the board violates the law, administrative regulations or the articles of association of the company and thus causes serious losses to the company, the directors who participated in the adoption of such a resolution shall be liable for compensation to the company. However, if a director is proved to have expressed his objection to such a resolution when it was put to the vote and his objection was recorded in the minutes of the meeting, he may be exempted from such liability".Continue Reading Potential Development for the Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance in China

Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance (D&O) is popular throughout Europe and North America and has been used for the sole benefit of directors and officers. Overall the foundation of the popularity is quite diverse. In my opinion, the most important is that such insurance will assist a company in attracting and retaining qualified directors and officers.
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