Divestiture Regulation

On July 8th, MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China) released The Provisional Rules on Implementing Divestiture of Assets or Businesses(“Provisional Rules”). This legislative move can be seen as China’s aggressive while at the same time, practical effort in the perfection of Chinese concentration review regime within the framework of Chinese Anti-monopoly Law (“AML”).

So far, China has only slightly less than two years of antitrust enforcement. Yet some antitrust professionals have already been amazed by how China has quickly become the world’s third most important merger control jurisdictions, and its influence is still ascending. MOFCOM, SAIC and NDRC, China’s three AML enforcement authorities, have issued nearly 20 regulations, guidelines, notices and provisions to implement AML in the areas of concentration, cartels, abusing dominance and administrative monopoly.

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