Foreign Insurance Company

 Great news for Chinese insurance industry is from CIRC’s Chairman Mr. Wu Dingfu. In a recent press conference in January 2011, Mr Wu introduced the situation of the development of the Chinese insurance market, during his speech he said, in the last 5 years, the insurance premium income of the country has increased 24.2% per year on average and has reached 720.12 billion yuan, the income from investment has been over 6% per year on average. China has become the most important newly developing country for the insurance industry where the number of insurance companies had increased by 53 since 2005 and there are now a total of 146 insurance companies in China.Continue Reading Think again before going to China

As to a foreign insurance company, if it wants to invest in Chinese insurance market or run business pertaining to insurance within China, it can (1) cooperate with a Chinese insurance company by executing strategic cooperation agreement, under which both parties agree to do extensive cooperation in the field of underwriting reinsurance, developing new insurance products, exclusively choosing the other as the potential partner, providing training and technique assistance to the Chinese insurance company;(2) establish a consultant company in China, through which the foreign insurance company can provide some counseling;(3) establish a foreign founded insurance company ( the foreigner’s shares shall exceed 25%) or purchase the equity of a Chinese insurance company ( the foreigner’s shares shall exceed 25%) or establish a branch of the foreign insurance company in China. Continue Reading Establishing Representative Office of Insurance Company in China (1)