Foreign Owned Insurance

With foreign investors testing ingenious ways in which to circumvent the regulatory burdens and scrutiny associated with a foreign owned Chinese insurance company, an interesting question has come to light; is it possible for an insurance policy between a domestic insurer and a Chinese manufacture to have a foreign element. The foundation of this question is rooted in the uncertainty surrounding the enforcement and validity of an arbitration clause designating a foreign jurisdiction for a case which is purely domestic (China).

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The insurance market in China is growing at an unprecedented rate. Cultural norms towards insurance have begun to change regardless of the intangible nature of insurance and a substantial portion of this growth has arrived through foreign investment. Foreign investors continue to increase their share of the Chinese market regardless of the current economic downturn. Compared with other financial sectors, the insurance market is the most accessible in China, however, such investors will ultimately face fresh challenges from the banking sector due to the present state of credit markets and the regulatory environment surrounding Chinese insurance businesses is uninviting. In order for potential investors to gauge prospective returns, one must hold an understanding of the hurdles associated with such forms of investment on the Mainland of China. The following will attempt to outline some of the major hurdles faced by current and prospective investors in China’s insurance market. By no means is this account to be exhaustive, rather its purpose is to provide general insight and awareness. Given the importance of due-diligence, considering the past errs within the market, current and prospective investors must be aware of the current regulatory environment.Continue Reading Major Hurdles Of Foreign Owned Insurance Businesses in China