Recently, for the purpose of coordinating with the Medical System Reform in China, China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) issued the Opinions on Implementing the Medical Reform and Actively Engaging in Establishment of the Multilayer Medical Guarantee System (hereinafter referred to as Opinions) on June 11, 2009. For the first time this has stipulated eight requirements for the commercial insurance institutions that are engaged in various medical guarantees administrative services.Continue Reading CIRC’s New Opinion Speed Up the Medical System Reform

The development and history of health insurance in China, it is not a simple story.For many years, the Chinese medical service has been controlled by state-owned hospitals; private hospitals and pharmacies could not compete with the public medical system. As a result, the majority of citizens received their medical service through the public system and the need for health insurance products was extremely limited. Even many years after the promulgation of the Chinese Insurance Law, China lacked formal health insurance products.

After 2000, health insurance became popularized in the Chinese insurance market. The popularity was due to the reform of the medical system; which required the majority of city residents and those in the countryside to afford medical costs by themselves. Hence a demand and need for health insurance arrived in short time. Continue Reading Health Insurance and Health Care in China