Over the past decade, China’s insurance industry has grown rapidly and held the second-largest premium market share worldwide for many years, contributing steadily to the global insurance market. In 2022, despite the repeated impact of the pandemic and the turbulent capital markets, China’s insurance industry has been put to the test and has seen

Reinsurance contracts, like insurance contracts, follow the doctrine of utmost good faith. Since the reinsurance contract is a contract concluded between commercial entities such as insurance companies, who are endowed with professional insurance knowledge and insurance business experience, it is generally not easy to generate reinsurance disputes. Even when there are disputes, they are often settled

I. Introduction

When referring to insurance, the first term that comes up with one’s mind is likely to be insurers, which are mostly known to operate insurance businesses. Nowadays, with the growth of the insurance industry, other entities also emerge such as insurance agents, brokers, and loss adjustors. These entities play different roles to prosper

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The Chinese insurance market continues to grow unabated.  While structural changes have seen a drop-off in infrastructure investment and its corresponding high levels of GDP growth, the services sector, and finance in particular, is growing strongly. This shift towards a knowledge based

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ZhongAn, a Chinese insurance company selling online insurance products, is representative of a new wave of “insurtech” companies; insurers engaging with online distribution models (or tech companies foraying into insurance) that

Authored by Zhan Hao (zhanhao@anjielaw.com) and Sharif Hendry (sharifhendry@anjielaw.com) at AnJie Law Firm
Recent “ransomware” attacks worldwide, including greater China, have once again brought to the fore the nascent yet potent threat “cyber risks” present as an all-encompassing enterprise risk management challenge to corporations worldwide. Concordantly, the raft of operational consequences that can potentially

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In China, amidst fierce competition amongst insurance companies, more and more investors, both domestic and foreign, are striving to enter this market. Relevant regulations concerning investment limits and the qualifications for shareholders to invest in Chinese insurance companies are a continuing focal point

Authored by Zhan Hao (zhanhao@anjielaw.com) and Sharif Hendry (sharifhendry@anjielaw.com) at AnJie Law Firm

In the first meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump at a summit held on 6-7 April 2017, the two leaders set the tone for future cooperation on a wide range of issues, not least market access between

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As of today, the recently adopted ‘China Risk Oriented Solvency System’, also known as “C-ROSS”, is theonly regime by which a Mainland insurer’s capital adequacy is regulated. Following the implementation of China’s 13th Five-Year plan in 2016, the China