MOFCOM is getting more and more efficient upon dealing with its own work. Only 10 days after the Alpha V/Savio conditional clearance, MOFCOM imposed conditions on another proposed concentration between General Electric (China)., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GE China) and China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CSCLC) on 10th, November, 2011. It is noticed that GE China/CSCLC is already the NO.2 conditional clearance on concentration only two months after the “Provisional Regulation on the Assessment on the Competitive Effects of Concentration of Undertakings” is officially released in the end of August (hereinafter referred to as “Provisional Regulation”). That to some extent gives people the impression that the Provisional Regulation does not only give administrative counterparts guidance, but also standardized and facilitated MOFCOM’s antitrust reviewing work on concentration in some degree.Continue Reading MOFCOM’s Second Conditional Clearance on Concentration after the Release of its Guidance on Analysis of Competitive Influence