Marine Insurance Disputes

The settlement of Marine insurance disputes in China is unique and different from that in other countries in respect of jurisdiction, application of law and the mode of resolution.

The Application of Law in Marine Insurance Disputes

In respect of the application of substantive law. Marine insurance disputes mainly refer to The Insurance Law of the PRC and The Maritime Code of the PRC. The first is a general law and the second is a special law within the Chinese legal system. In other words, The Maritime Code of the PRC shall prevail if both laws are applied. The Contract Law of the PRC and The General Principles of Civil Law of the PRC may also be applied if neither the Insurance or Maritime law can be applied. The Maritime Code of the PRC and The Insurance Law of the PRC came into effect in 1993 and 1995 respectively. Both laws were created by reference to the relevant laws and legislation of foreign countries. In particular the relevant marine and insurance provisions of Britain, the USA and Germany, played a dominant role.
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