The Ministry of Commerce’s Anti-monopoly Bureau approved Novartis’s acquisition of Alcon on August 13 2010, subject to conditions.(1) The ministry accepted the filing in respect of the acquisition on April 20 2010 and decided on May 17 2010 that a further review period was needed. The ministry reviewed information on:

  • the overlap of the two companies’ products in the Chinese and global markets;
  • their respective market shares;
  • the characteristics, applications, prices and sales methods of their products;
  • the supervisory policies in the relevant market; and
  • the two companies’ relationships with competitors in the market.

Opinions were sought from other companies in the field. After negotiating with the filing parties, consensus was reached on how to reduce the acquisition’s undesirable effects on competition in the relevant markets.Continue Reading Conditional approval for Novartis’s acquisition of Alcon

Since October 2008, Private oil companies in China have been urging one another to take advantage of the Anti-Monopoly Law(AML) to secure a stable supply of oil and avoid over-reliance on the country’s two major oil producers for survival. They want new policies to create a level playing field. Currently they depend on the oil supplies of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and the China Petroleum and Chemicals Corporation (Sinopec) as they are forbidden by law to extract or import their own.

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