Termination of Insurance Contract

Where the law stipulates or conditions that the parties to a contract agree on are met, an insurance contract may be rescinded if the parties to the contract reach a consensus through consultation or either a party to the contract executes the termination right to cancel the insurance contract. Usually, without consent of insurance companies, the insured may cancel the insurance policy unilaterally at any time. That because the insureds buy an insurance product is to protect them from unknown risks, so they have right to choose how and when to protect themselves. The Insurance Law (2009) stipulates that otherwise stipulated by other laws and regulations, or agreed by both parties in insurance contract, after the formation of insurance contract, the insurance contract may be rescinded by the insured. On the contrary, to protect the interest of insureds, the Insurance law (2009) generally prohibits the insurer to terminate the contract casually. Only under some special circumstances, the insurer may be allowed to cancel the insurance contract. Here we simply give a brief summary of those circumstances.Continue Reading Brief Summary of Circumstances of Terminating an Insurance Contract by Insurance Companies