Arbitration and Litigation

Authored by Arthur Dong ( and Darren Mayberry (darren.mayberry@anjielaw.comat AnJie Law Firm

Early this year, Dan Harris of China Law Blog  directed his attention to the erstwhile arbitration versus litigation debate. Dan Harris’s position, as of 2014, was that international arbitration was a bad idea when considering China-based enforcement. He

Authored by Arthur Dong ( and Darren Mayberry (darren.mayberry@anjielaw.comat AnJie Law Firm

The post Enterprises in China’s Free Trade Zones Enter 2017 with New Options for Arbitration appeared first on Kluwer Arbitration Blog.

On December 30, 2016, the Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”) issued a set of new Opinions.  It covers

 Authored by Arthur Dong ( and Darren Mayberry (darren.mayberry@anjielaw.comat AnJie Law Firm  

On January 10, 2017, Singapore enacted yet another landmark legal reform, renewing its status as a leading seat for international arbitration. Singapore has completely abolished the torts of maintenance and champerty. This will allow parties

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This paper discusses the problem of extraordinary delay in the commercial arbitration process, increased arbitration fees, and denial of the benefits of arbitration to other parties due to the abuse of procedural rights by relevant parties in commercial arbitration process. This paper

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Challenging the jurisdiction of a Chinese arbitral institution to hear a matter always requires challenging the binding force of an arbitration agreement. Article 5 of the Arbitration Law of the People’s Republic of China (‘Arbitration Law’) gives arbitral

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In China, arbitral tribunals do not have the power to implement interim protection measures, regardless of the institutional rules to be applied to the arbitration. Moreover, the arbitral tribunals are prevented from implementing interim protection measures even if its rules would grant it such