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    I. AnJie Broad’s News on Int’Commercial Dispute Resolution

      • AnJie Broad Partners An Shouzhi, Wan Jia, and Wu Shanshan Listed on the First Legal 500 Arbitration Powerlist China 2023
        Recently, the Legal 500, an internationally renowned and authoritative legal rating agency, announced the first Arbitration Powerlist China 2023. With extensive practical experience in the field of

      I. Introduction

      With international trade flows boosting, international commercial arbitration is becoming increasingly accepted among parties as an efficient means of resolving international economic and trade disputes, due to its confidentiality, flexibility, speed and enforceability. In the event of non-compliance with an arbitral award by the losing party, it is critical for the winning 

      According to Article 271 of Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), parties may submit foreign-related disputes to “foreign arbitration institutions” outside Mainland China (“foreign” here encompasses Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, in terms of jurisdiction only). However, the statutory law of the PRC is silent on whether parties may

      Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many observers are predicting an increase in claims relating to insolvency proceedings. Against the backdrop of the increasing prevalence of arbitration clauses and agreements governing commercial disputes, in 2021 courts are likely to face a growing number of claims at the intersection of both arbitration and insolvency law.

      In the

      Arthur Dong and Darren Mayberry

      Your day in court; Months of preparation. Millions on the line.  But today your lawyers will finally press the other side’s evasive CEO / CFO / Low-level Lackey with the tough questions.  And this time, there is no escape.

      Or is there?

      If the arbitration is in China, there can

      Arthur Dong and Darren Mayberry

      Eventually, civic life requires everyone to produce documents for inspection and approval. As individuals, we need to submit documents in connection with a new bank account, health insurance, job applications, enrollment into an institution of higher learning, occupational licensing, and evaluation for loans. Companies and organizations may have even more

      Arthur Dong and Darren Mayberry

      Machiavelli infamously instructs his Prince that “one ought to be both feared and loved, but as it is difficult for the two to go together, it is much safer to be feared than loved.”[1] Machiavelli ultimately wanted several disputes resolved, and Renaissance Italy thereby united. The Prague Rules pertain

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      Arbitration clauses benefit from simplicity. The best arbitration clauses also inform. Rarely are they inventive or creative. This is true for Chinese arbitration, or any other. Arbitration clauses should be tailored to your contract’s purpose and your firm’s needs. Above all, construct

       Authored by Arthur Dong ( and Darren Mayberry (darren.mayberry@anjielaw.comat AnJie Law Firm

      A recent reform of the Prior Reporting System  will likely impact the procedural rights of Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIEs) following domestic arbitration. The 2017 Supreme People’s Court Provisions on the Prior Reporting System dropped on 26 December