Industry experts expect the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to announce the Detailed Rules for Investment in Unlisted Companies’ Equity by Insurance Companies and the Detailed Rules for Investment in Real Estate by Insurance Companies in October 2009. It has already published five sets of rules concerning insurance funds’ investment channels and their investment in infrastructure projects, which were issued on April 7 2009.Continue Reading Insurance Companies Await Regulator’s Rules on Private Equity

Recently, in the Fifth High-Level Forum of China’s Financial Reform, supervisory and regulatory officials from departments such as the CIRC, CSRC, CBRC, People’s Bank of China and Ministry of Finance, indicated the CIRC and CBRC have reached consensus on a pilot investment project. The project will concern investment in the insurance industry by 4 large banks allowing for some breakthrough in the Mixed Management of Banking Industry in China.

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Recently it was reported in the financial news that the China Insurance Regulatory Commission of the State Council (CIRC) had allocated RMB200 billion to carry out a pilot investment program for funds held by insurance companies. The RMB200 billion has been equally invested across infrastructure projects and other equity investments.

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